Now Is the Time to Win Against Toronto Police Violence

Still Frame from Video by Vice Reporter Jake Kivanc

Still Frame from Video by Vice Reporter Jake Kivanc

Now is the time to win against Toronto Police violence. The right pieces are in place. The right demands are being made. The right people are at the centre of the right battle. And, they are using tactics and demands that will work.

As many of you know, I’ve spent the better part of the last decade pushing back as hard as I know how against Toronto Police violence. Usually with very little success. I am very pleased to see that people I have met along the way like Ellie Adekur (right in the thick of it on the ground) and Desmond Cole (with his beautiful pen) are helping to lead the charge. It helps enormously that they are people with in-depth analyses of their own potentials for misuse of power but who nevertheless ACT.

I hope that any friend of mine who is still in Toronto and able will join the resistance in any way they can while being incredibly mindful of the need not to get in the way of African Canadians having complete charge of their own path to liberation. Just assume that they will take some decisions and engage in some actions that you disagree with. Have the grace to recognize that you may well be the one whose ideas are off or, even if not, that giving people space to screw up on their own is critical to recognizing and honouring their full humanity.


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